Eldridge Productions LLC.

Eldridge Productions LLC.

Release Date:
October 12. 2021 (itch.io)

Available on:
itch.io (Windows & Mac)
Other platforms TBD


Press Contact:
For a redeemable code for a digital copy of 
Ghostly Thoughts (PC/MAC) for review, 
please contact me at:


Ghostly Thoughts is a 2D puzzle adventure. You take on the role of Kai Boo, a young artist learning the master arts from Johan Boo, the master of castle Knack. However, Johan Boo has lost his sketchbook full of his teachings somewhere in the castle and he has asked you to locate it. You can take your time and relax to the atmospheric soundtrack as you find your way through each level getting one float closer to finding Johan's sketchbook.


•Designed for kids and adults.
•Beautiful 2D pixel art capturing the spirit of the 8-bit and 16-bit era of gaming.
•Featuring 7 stages with 6 levels each for players to explore at their own pace.
•Find hidden characters to talk with.
•Locate missing keys to open pathways to the next areas of the castle.
•Discover spooky story scrolls lost within the levels.
•Complete the game for bonus stages and a bonus room which features the
     soundtrack, artwork, and stories of the game to view and listen.
•Friendly humor to make the biggest to smallest kid smile and laugh.
•An atmospheric upbeat soundtrack with each stage having its own unique song.
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