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Thank you for visiting Ghostly Thoughts website, if you find you're needing to reach out to me, please feel free to do so at one of the below emails that suits your inquiry.

support "at" ghostlythoughts "dot" com 

info "at" ghostlythoughts "dot" com
I make games for you, the gamer, the collector, the player and the fan! So please express: your love, ideas and thoughts on social media with me. I'd love to hear from you and know what you think!
twitter: @EldiProd
When addressing the topics here, "Company," "I," "We," "Me," "Our" and "Us," refer to Eldridge Productions LLC. When addressing the topics here, "Them," "They," and/or "Their," refer to online marketplaces and/or distributors of the video game Ghostly Thoughts.  When addressing the topics here, "You," and “Your” refers to any users and/or players of the video game titled Ghostly Thoughts. I take your privacy seriously. So, please review this Privacy Statement below carefully and contact me at: should you have any questions.
Ghostly Thoughts is currently available on, a marketplace for indie developers and creators of all types to share creative works free and/or payable. They offer a free account which is required to make purchases and/or download games from their website. Their Privacy Policies, guides, rules, and requirements for their services can be found here:
Ghostly Thoughts the video game does not collect and/or store personally identifiable information. Ghostly Thoughts does not require in any form, your personal information to be played and/or erased after you have installed, downloaded, and/or launched.  
Our support in regards to customer support, (ie. emails of questions to the playability of the game) is limited to enable support of the operation of the game.  We will only ask for your information that will help us resolve the issue(s) with the game (such as: details of issues, location in game, etc.) and delete information once the issue(s) are closed. Parents feel free to contact us instead for underage players and/or users.  You are not required to share your information with us, however, it may limit us on being able to trouble shoot the issue(s) you may be having with the game. 

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