You are young Kai, a ghost learning the master arts from the legendary Johan Boo. However, tonight you are summoned to Johan’s castle known as Knack, as Master Johan has lost his memories! Without those memories, Johan can not finish teaching you the master arts! You must venture through the castle to find the location of Johan’s memories, sketchbook of boo power. Beware young Kai, the path is long and many dark turns can get you lost in the mazes that make castle Knack!

Ghostly Thoughts is the first game title from Eldridge Productions, the new company from musician and poet Norman Wilkerson. Built on simple gameplay, silly fun, and relaxing puzzles spiced with music, Ghostly Thoughts is only the first step in a planned future of many great 2D games capturing the spirit of retro gaming, but a touch of todays wonderful design tools. Stick around to see what comes out next from Eldridge Productions!
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